Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should I Meet You? 

The pickup location is hudson boatramp, Robert J Strickland Memorial Park Public Boat Ramp. Meeting times vary by trip, we will notify you of departure times.

What Should I Bring?

You should bring drinks, food, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, ziploc bags (for any catches you want to take home!) and a windbreaker or rain jacket. You don’t need to bring a cooler, we have space for your food and drinks. However, if you want to take fish home, leave a cooler in the car for the way home. We’ll filet your catch for you before you go!

If you’d like to bring your favorite rod, let us know! We want to make sure we have room on the boat for you.

What’s The Bathroom Situation?

We have a camping style bathroom. That means it is a bucket with a removable toilet seat lid. You fill it, you empty it, type of thing. We do have a console for privacy but do NOT have a flushing toilet. 

Are There Any Other Boat Rules?

1st and most important is the safety of you, our clients, and our crew. #2 HAVE FUN!! #3 catch some fish and make some memories!

Is There Anything I Should NOT Bring?

Don’t bring glass containers, tanning oils, hard liquor, or illegal substances (we WILL confiscate). ABSOLUTELY NO GPS, spots, or any other tracking devices. Do not bring spray sunscreen, as it gets all over the deck and makes it very slippery. It could also get on the fishing line, which could prevent bites.

Our crew will put your cell phone in a dry box on the boat. We will take as many pictures as you’d like and send them to you after the trip.

What Should I Wear?

Depending on the weather and time of year, we’ll send you an update the day before your trip on whether or to bring more protective layers. Wear light colored clothes that you won’t get too hot in! It’s always good to bring rain jackets in case of rain or thunderstorms.

What’s The Catch? 

We target what’s biting and in season. Our PRIMARY targets will be Grouper, but we’ll likely catch a handful of other species like Mangrove Snapper, and Hogfish. 

Other Things To Mention

Please remember to pay the Captain your balance due PRIOR to leaving. We’ll send you balance due before your trip. Remember that we add 3% for credit card transactions.

If you have a great experience please let everyone know on Facebook or google. And remember our crew work REALLY HARD for you and gratuity is NOT reflected in the price of charter. Please remember to tip the crew accordingly (15-25% is usually customary). 

If you had a bad experience please talk to us first.  We aim for everyone to have a great experience!